Partly Sunny uses the latitude & longitude coordinates of your device’s current location (only if you grant permission) and any manually saved locations to obtain & display localized weather forecasts, place names, and astronomical details. Your location data is not otherwise used or transmitted, and it is not associated with you or your device.

Additionally, Partly Sunny only stores your locations list (your current location and any manually saved locations) on your device. I don’t ever want apps to collect and sell my location data, so I don’t collect and sell yours.

Partly Sunny uses TelemetryDeck to collect anonymous, privacy-focused usage data solely for the purpose of knowing things like how many people use Partly Sunny, what percentage of users are on particular versions of iOS, and does anyone actually use this feature or setting. The data is not and cannot be associated with you specifically. TelemetryDeck’s privacy policy can be found here:

Last Updated: 26 Apr 2023