Quick Glances and Detailed Looks

Need to quickly see if there will be rain at home or at work today? Or check the wind or UV index over the next few hours? Or look at the forecast for the upcoming weekend? Partly Sunny has you covered.

Locations List

Quick glances of what’s happening in the sky at your current location and your favorite locations.

Location Details

Detailed looks at what’s happening throughout the hour, the day, and the week at your locations.

The Week Ahead

Swipe up in location details for a daily chart plotting the week’s forecast. Tap any day for a detailed forecast.

Partly Sunny Club

Join the Club to unlock more features: interactive radar, yesterday’s weather, time machine, more saved locations, and custom app icons.

Dark Mode

Toggle manually in the app’s settings or with a handy gesture. Or toggle automatically based on your device’s screen brightness or your selected location’s sunrise and sunset times.

More Features

While you may not always enjoy the weather, hopefully you enjoy checking the weather with Partly Sunny. And to ensure those weather checks have super-accurate data, Partly Sunny forecasts are powered by Dark Sky.

Hourly Graphs

Tap on any hourly graph and choose to plot temperature, chance of precipitation, cloud cover, humidity, UV index, wind, or more.

Rain Graph

For U.S. & U.K. locations, a precipitation-intensity graph for the next hour will appear when it’s raining or snowing.

Pollen & NOAA Links

For U.S. locations, links will appear for pollen forecasts and the local NOAA weather office for winter-weather predictions, tropical forecasts, marine forecasts, and more.


Partly Sunny includes a widget to show both a quick glance and a detailed look at your selected location’s forecast.

3D Touch

3D Touch the app icon for the widget and shortcuts. Peek and Pop in List View; Location View’s severe-weather alerts, pollen-forecast, and NOAA buttons; and the day-by-day graph.

Location Editing

Each location can be fine-tuned to the exact spot you want and can be renamed.


Partly Sunny has been featured in Apple’s “New Apps We Love”, MacStories, AppAdvice, and Lifehacker.

Partly Sunny “introduces a robust, beautiful new way to view weather information.”

“What’s immediately striking about Partly Sunny’s design is that it feels designed to belong in iOS. It’s an app that feels built by Apple if the company decided to make a massive iterative change to its own stock Weather app.”


“If you are looking for minimalism in your weather app, then Partly Sunny will satisfy your cravings.”

“Partly Sunny offers the information you need in a concise and flexible way.”


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